inihandle activex dll

Windows 95 introduced the concept of the registry. The intention was that programs would store application values such as configuration data there, rather than in initialization (or '.INI' files because they classically have the extension .ini) which were widespread in Windows 3. Although most modern software does now use the registry, .INI files are still used quite widely. In part this is because they are more convenient than the registry, and tinkering with them is unlikely to bring down the whole machine - while fiddling with the registry certainly can!

They are also very handy as a simple data store because they follow a set format and the API contains specific functions to manage them. Unfortunately Visual Basic does not contain any inbuilt functions to do this, which means adding API declarations to your program and making sure that the parameters supplied to the function are correct before calling the API. INIHandle is an ActiveX DLL designed to avoid that, and to make .INI files easy to use by setting properties and calling methods in the way VB developers are used to.

INIHandle is easy to install: there is no setup program to run, just copy it and its help file into a suitable location and register with regsvr32.exe (full instructions are supplied in the help file). A sample VB project, with source code, is supplied in the download archive file.


Click on the link below to download the archive, and read the readme.txt file and help file for installation instructions.

Download Download the INIHandle ActiveX DLL archive (30K)