photoshop effects database

a database of Photoshop effects in books

Over the years I have acquired a number of books about Photoshop which tell you how to carry out certain effects - you know the sort of thing, how to produce text engraved in a brass plate, or draw a starfield, or buttons which mimic that Apple gel apperance. The problem is, once you have several of these books, you can never find an effect you know you've seen without looking through each book until you find it.

To solve this, I produced a database of these effects and I'm now making it available on-line. You can use the database to find an effect, and it will tell you what book it's in and the page. Of course, you still have to buy or borrow the book to read how it's done!

At present the database is still being populated. When it is, you will be able to search it for effects given in any of the books I have.