how-to #3: create and open a secure Microsoft Access database

the problem

If a Jet (i.e. MS Access) database is available on a web site, how can it be secured so that only authorised users can open it?

a solution

There are two ways to secure a Jet database. The simpler just requires a password to open the database, and this is fine if all potential users are to be granted full access. The problem is that once opened, a database secured in this way may be read, written to, have sections deleted, etc. by any user who can open it.

The alternative is to secure the database with user-level security, which allows you to set different permissions for different users – some can read the database, others alter or add records, etc. This leaves two issues:

This how-to is divided into two parts, one for each of the above issues. If you are not familiar with securing a Jet database in this way, read the first section before the second. If you know how to do this, then you can go to the second part:

part 2

how-to 3a: how to secure an Access database with user-level security