AutoRename - a plugin for cinema 4d

**** This plugin is compatible with Cinema 4D R12. If you already have a copy, you don't need to download it again. ****

‘AutoRename’ is a simple plugin for Cinema 4D. It arose from a request on CG Talk for a COFFEE script to rename a group of objects which all had the same name. (Thanks to Kokosing for the idea!)

The resulting script worked okay, but a plugin was always going to be more convenient as it would allow users to set more options more readily. This is the result.

AutoRename screenshot

The plugin lets you rename a series of objects automatically using a variety of options you select. It is written in COFFEE so should be compatible with both PC and Mac from R9.5 upwards (and maybe earlier). It has, however, only been tested on R10.5 on a PC.

Download the plugin from this link. Current version is 1.0.1, dated August 16th 2008, and is compatible with Cinema 4D up to and including R14.

Download Download the installation file

The archive contains a .PDF file with full details of how to use the plugin.