If you want to obtain information such as the number of polygons in an object, there are two ways to do this in Cinema.

First, you can right-click on an object and choose Object Info... from the context menu. This will give you the polygon and point count in the object, and if it is a parametric object, the counts if the object was made editable. There are some problems with this, however:

  • the message box which appears is modal, so you have to close it and then repeat the above steps if you want the same information for another object
  • it always includes any child objects of the selected object, and there's no way to turn this off
  • the information it returns is often incorrect

The second way is to use the viewport HUD. You can use this to display the polygon counts, etc. but it too has problems:

  • to show the polygon count you have to be in Polygon mode and the point count is not shown: to do that, you need to switch to Point mode, but then the polygon count is not shown
  • it doesn't work well or at all with parametric objects

This little plugin is designed to overcome these issues.


About Object is compatible with the following versions of Cinema 4D:

Cinema 4D version Compatible?
R19 Yes (earlier versions of Cinema 4D no longer supported)
R20, R21 Yes, but requires the INSYDIUM Bridge plugin
S22 No
R23, S24 Yes
R25, S26 Yes
R2023 Yes
R2024 Yes

Note - there are separate downloads for R23/S24, R25/S26, R2023 and R2024- make sure you download the correct file!

User Interface

This is the simple interface which appears when you click the plugin in the Plugins menu in C4D. Full documentation is available from the plugin's 'Help' menu. It can be docked in the Cinema 4D interface if desired and left open.


Download About Object for R19 and R20-R21 (if using the INSYDIUM Bridge)

Download About Object for R23/S24

Download About Object for R25/S26

Download About Object for R2023

Download About Object for R2024

Page last updated September 30th 2023