Cinema 4D plugins

Many of the plugins listed here were written before the introduction of the new SDK in Cinema 4D R20 and later. As such, they will only run in C4D R19 or earlier, although some of them will run in R20 and later by using the INSYDIUM Bridge plugin designed for this this purpose.

You can find details of each plugin on the linked pages below including which versions of C4D each plugin is compatible with. For details on the INSYDIUM Bridge plugin, see below.

Plugins for C4D R23 and higher


Legacy plugins

These plugins were all written before I started work on X-Particles, but have been tested and still work in versions of Cinema 4D up to R19. They may also work in later versions, please see the page for the plugin where compatibility details are shown.



DarkTree simbiont

Mirror, Mirror


sIBL Loader

New plugins

These are some new or updated plugins currently in preparation.

About Object

Quick Render - new version coming soon

Using the INSYDIUM Bridge

The Bridge is a clever plugin written by INSYDIUM, the developers of X-Particles. It enables plugins written using the pre-R20 SDK to run in R20 and later. It is not, however, guaranteed to work with all such plugins, or in every version of Cinema 4D after R20, so for each plugin listed here, compatibility with the Bridge is provided.

To use the Bridge is simple. Follow these steps:

  • download the Bridge from the INSYDIUM website (it's free, but you'll need to register with INSYDIUM)
  • follow the installation instructions for the Bridge
  • relaunch Cinema 4D

If the plugin doesn't appear in the Extensions menu in C4D, then the Bridge can't be used to run this plugin in this version of Cinema. Over time these plugins will be updated to work in at least R23 and later natively, without need for the Bridge.

Page last updated July 14th 2021