Privacy policy

There is rightly a lot of concern nowadays about privacy and anonymity on the internet. Web sites are now encouraged to state their policy towards personal privacy. Here's mine, in as plain English as possible:

  • This site collects and stores no personal information about any visitors other than that stored in the server's site logs (essentially the IP address of visitors and which pages were visited)
  • Nothing is done with the above information other than using it to assess the site's popularity (or otherwise :-0)
  • Nothing is passed on to anyone else including advertisers and spammers
  • Any personal details (e.g. email addresses) I am given if you mail me remain strictly private at all times and are not passed on to anyone
  • No cookies are set other than a 'session' cookie when required for some aspects to operate correctly and which is removed once you leave the site; no other details are saved
  • Software on the site does not make use of so-called 'adware' or 'spyware' components
  • You will not be redirected to any other site nor will the site connect you to any other site without your express permission (unless you click one of the links, of course!).

I hope that reassures any concerns you might have.

Page last updated June 23rd 2021