Plotter 3D

Plotter 3D is a collection of objects which plot a mathematical formula in three dimensions and can optionally add features such as a mesh or splines created from the plotted points, a surrounding 'cage' and labels attached to the plot. The plot can also be animated by using time-based parameters in the formula.

You can use this plugin to demonstrate various formulae or simply because it makes nice images!


Plotter 3D is compatible with the following versions of Cinema 4D:

Cinema 4D version Compatible?
R14-RS22 No
R23, S24 Yes
R25, S26 Yes

Note - there are separate downloads for R23/S24 and for R25 - make sure you download the correct file!

User interface

There are several objects in the plugin but the one which must always be present is the plotter object itself. Its user interface looks like this:

The settings of this object and the other objects in the collection are fully explained in the user manual. The manual is included in the plugin download but if you want to look at it separately before downloading and installing the plugin, you can see it here.


Here are some screenshots and rendered images showing the sort of thing Plotter 3D can do:

1. Default formula showing the viewport appearance:

2. Default formula with a simple polygon mesh textured using a vertex colour shader (viewport):

3. Rendered result from the Grid object:

4. Cage and Labels objects attached to the plot (rendered result):


Download Plotter 3D for R23/S24

Download Plotter 3D for R25/S26

Page last updated June 9th 2022