Quick Render (hereafter 'QR') is a workflow plugin intended to speed up test renders of a complex image. Say you have a scene which uses features such as sub-polygon displacement, global illumination, ambient occlusion, large bitmaps, the hair module, and blurry reflections. On the average machine, that may take quite some time to render, which is annoying when doing test renders. Sometimes you don't want to see all of those effects when testing something, but unless you turn them off in the render settings (and then remember to turn them back on again when you want them) your test renders can be very slow.


QuickRender is compatible with the following versions of Cinema 4D:

Cinema 4D version Compatible?
R14-R15 No
R16-R19 Yes
R20, R21 Yes, but requires the INSYDIUM Bridge plugin
S22 No
R23, S24 Yes (native version- Bridge plugin not required)
R25 Yes (native version- Bridge plugin not required)

Note - there are separate downloads for R23/S24 and for R25 - make sure you download the correct file!

User interface

The user interface is quite busy but all the options are covered in the accompanying manual:


Download QuickRender for R16-R19 and R20-R21 (if using the INSYDIUM Bridge)

Download QuickRender for R23/S24

Download QuickRender for R25

Page last updated December 12th 2021