ChemLoader is a plugin intended to parse a chemical molecule definition file then create all necessary objects to display and render the molecule. Results such as this are possible; this is the molecule of the antibiotic bacitracin, rendered out of the box using the basic settings (no materials):

Or with materials and lighting added, this is the painkiller ibuprofen:

The generated molecule is fully procedural and has a number of options to change the appearance of the molecule.

There are numerous definition files available on the net, and a small selection has been included in the 'files' sub-folder of the download archive. The manual contains details of other sources where many additional files are available.


ChemLoader is compatible with the following versions of Cinema 4D:

Cinema 4D version Compatible?
R25 and earlier No
R26 Yes
R2023 Yes
R2024 Yes


Downloads are available for Cinema 4D R26, R2023 and R2024. Please make sure you download the correct one. Downloads contain both the PC and Mac versions.

Download ChemLoader for R26

Download ChemLoader for C4D 2023

Download ChemLoader for C4D 2024

Page last updated on October 6th 2023