This simple plugin is a companion to 'Nudge-It'. What it does is round up or down the position, rotation and scale or size of an object to the nearest step value, according to parameters which you set.

One reason to use this is if you have a lot of objects (perhaps imported from another piece of software) which have position, rotation or scale values which are slightly offset from the values they should have. For example, an object might, perhaps after being imported, have a position of 9.21, 17.86 and -22.03. You really want that to be 9.0, 18.0 and -22.0. It's easy enough to do that for one object, but what if you have 20 objects, or 100, or several hundred? Fixing that will take time and be extremely tedious.This plugin make it a one-click process.


Round-it is based on an idea by Bjorn Cogxgoc on Plugin Cafe.


Round-It is compatible with the following versions of Cinema 4D:

Cinema 4D version Compatible?
R2024 Yes

There are no versions of Round-It for C4D R2023 or earlier.

User Interface

This is the simple dialog box which appears when you call Round-It from the Extensions menu. The options and controls are explained in the PDF manual included in the archive. It can be docked in the Cinema GUI if desired:


Download Round-It for R2024

Page last updated November 29th 2023