Welcome to the Microbion web site. This site was in suspended animation for some years while the author worked on developing X-Particles for Cinema 4D, but has now been revised and updated. Keep checking back from time to time as I'll be restoring more of the old content and adding new material.

How to Use X-Particles

(August 2nd 2022) The next stage of my e-book on using X-Particles, which adds a chapter on using the Action object, is now available for free download. Please see the book's own website for more details.

New plugin: Plotter 3D

A new plugin is now available for Cinema 4D R23 and later versions. This is 'Plotter 3D' a plugin which takes a mathematical formula and plots the result in 3D, like so:

You can download the plugin from its page on this site.


(December 12th 2021) Several plugins (Arrowmaker, Mirror Mirror, Nudge-It, and About Object) have been rebuilt using the Cinema 4D R23 and R25 SDKs. Native versions for PC and Mac are now available from the respective pages on this site.

In addition a new version of my older plugin QuickRender has now been made available.

Cinema 4D plugins

(July 14th 2021) New plugin available for download - LightShade

This is available for Cinema 4D R23 and higher, Windows and macOS.

New tutorial: notarizing a plugin for macOS

(July 9th 2021) If you develop plugins for C4D and you want to distribute it to others, you will need to notarize it with Appple, or it won't run on macOS Catalina or later. This page gives full details of the process with all the steps you need to take to make it work successfully.

New software

(July 1st 2021) A new app, the ProjectToolGUI, has been added to the software pages. This is a simple front-end to the Maxon Project Tool command-line software for plugin development:

See the project page to download the app.

Plugin development

(June 29th 2021) New tutorials have been added for building plugins using the R23 SDK on Windows and macOS. See the plugin development page for details.



(June 23rd 2021) I have a number of models which I produced over several years. Over the next few weeks I'll be releasing many of these as free models for C4D users. They tend to be simple models (though by no means all of them are) but may still be useful to anyone needing a model for a scene. See the models pages for details and download links.

Latest models added:

Set of autopsy instruments

Simple stiletto

Plastic toy submarine

Site last updated on August 2nd 2022